11janAll DayWare (Union County, IL)


Start Time:  2:02 am CST

End Time:  2:03 am CST

Rating:  EF1

Estimated Peak Winds: 100 mph

Path length: 0.9 miles

Width:  50 yards

Fatalities:  0

Injuries: 0

County:  Union

State:  Illinois

Start Lat/Lon: 37.44351 / -89.3959

End Lat/Lon: 37.44957 / -89.37762

Note:  The coordinates were not provided by the NWS.  We estimated the lat/lon based on the start and end locations given in the Public Information Statement.

The tornado snapped large tree branches in the town of Ware. Metal roofing was removed from a farm outbuilding. A large open storage building was overturned and destroyed.  Shingles were removed from the roof of a hunting club. Another home had its roof lifted slightly by the tornado causing water damage. The roof of a metal storage building was lofted and overturned.  Hundreds of decoy ducks were tossed and broken near the hunting club. Numerous trees were snapped or uprooted along the path of the tornado.


Public Information Statement

NWS Paducah Summary

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