13aprAll DayWilliston (Aiken/Barnwell/Orangeburg Counties, SC)


Start Time: 5:21 am EDT 

End Time:  Unknown

Rating:  EF3

Estimated Peak Winds: 140 mph

Path length: 33.48 miles

Width: 800 yards

Fatalities:  0

Injuries: 0

County:  Aiken, Barnwell, Orangeburg

State:  South Carolina

Start Lat/Lon:  33.2751 / -81.7048

End Lat/Lon:  33.5219 / -81.2168

A strong, long-track tornado began in the Savannah River Site southeast of Jackson, SC, then moved in a general northeast direction in Aiken County near the Barnwell County border. The tornado crossed into Barnwell County northwest of Williston near Davis Bridge Road. The tornado continued northeast across northern Barnwell County and crossed into Orangeburg County and dissipated northeast of Springfield. The tornado path length was approximately 33.5 miles, and at its widest point was just under 0.5 miles. The tornado rating was an EF-3, with peak wind speeds of 140 mph.

Based off of high resolution imagery, radar data (including the height debris was detected), and correspondence with Savannah River Site officials, it has been determined that the tornado became strong within the Savannah River Site boundaries as it moved to the northeast. 

As the tornado moved out of the Savannah River Site, it produced significant damage near Williston Road and Jaywood Road west of Williston. In this area, significant roof damage and a partial wall collapse to a brick house occurred, with a small cinder block workshop destroyed. The tornado then destroyed a vacant cinder block store building, and removed the roof and some of the walls of a metal auto shop building. Nearby trees were all snapped near the base. A mobile home was shifted about 6-10 feet off its foundation along Cherry Tree Road. Along Tinker Creek Road, the tornado destroyed a brick shed and removed most of the roof off a home, completely destroyed a manufactured home near Charleston Highway, and based on aerial photographs blew down a large swath of trees east of the roadway. The tornado then crossed Charleston Highway, removing a large portion of the roof and collapsing an exterior wall of a business. The tornado continued to snap and uproot countless trees as it crossed Davis Bridge Road, and New Forest Road in northern Barnwell County. The tornado moved into Orangeburg County, uprooting many large trees in the town of Springfield, some of which fell on homes and one on a church. The tornado finally dissipated northeast of Springfield, just before reaching the path of another EF-3 tornado just to the east.


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