SPC Stats

Path length: 2 miles

Width:  440 yards

Fatalities:  0

Injuries:  0

Rating:  F1

County:  Woods

This F1 tornado has a short path length of 2 miles with a width of 440 yards. Storm Data states this tornado developed 9 miles ENE of Freedom in Woods County, OK.  A farmstead had a great deal of damage.  The garage was demolished.  Pieces of a toolshed and bard were “strewn over a wide area.”

Storm Data also mentions that a home had its roof removed, a windmill tower was twisted around three times and driven into the ground, tree limbs and power lines were downed.    

I found one newspaper article possibly mentioning this event.  It was discovered in the November 16, 1964 edition of the Daily Oklahoman.  A report of a tornado about 19 miles NW of Alva, which is in Woods County.  A Mr. Bird Bates said there was damage to a small shed, a fence and knocked down power lines.  There was debris all across the road.  Here is the clip:

Tornado Path

SPC coordinates (Path is short so one point given):  Start: 36.82 / -98.97  

Corrected Coordinates based on all damage reports listed in summary:

Start: 36.786318/-98.952623       End: 36.938589/-98.972022

Storm Data says the tornado started 9 miles ENE of Freedom (shown here on map), and the newspapers reported the tornado damaged the Bates property, 19 miles NW of Alva (shown here on map)…. It would make sense the tornado moved north as the Sawyer, KS tornado which also occurred this day.  Here is our short summary on that event.

Note:  Exact tornado path may not be straight and/or continuous.

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