On This Day: January 11

Tornado Talk Summary

Two tornadoes occurred on this day in 1951, both were later rated F2 and both caused damage, some of it extensive in Santa Clara County, CA. Read the full summary here

SIGTOR Spotlight

Highlighting a Tornado Before 1950
from Significant Tornadoes by Thomas Grazulis!

January 11, 1898: A devastating F4 tornado moved through portions of Sebastian and Crawford Counties in Arkansas. Grazulis denotes it was a part of a tornado family. the path was 10 miles. It developed on the west edge of Fort Smith. “Moving ENE through the heart of the sleeping city, it leveled dozens of homes and businesses such as the new $50,000 high school. The town was said to be crowded with rural visitors and some unidentified people may have been killed in boarding room fires. There were 33 people killed outright and at least 19 more died from injuries. Sixteen people died in a single residential block.” Grazulis documents 55 total fatalities and 113 injuries.  

Twister From The 2000s

January 11, 2020: A high-end EF2 tornado with 130 mph winds touched down for only 1/2 mile as it moved across the North Central High School in Kershaw County, SC. Extensive damage occurred as the twister tore off parts of the roof and collapsed walls. Four school buses were moved, and 31 others were peppered by flying debris. Source.   

Wall collapsed at the high-school. Photo via the Damage Assessment Toolkit (DAT).
School buses that were damaged. Photo via the Damage Assessment Toolkit (DAT).

Weather Rewind

There is more weather phenomenon than just tornadoes? 

On This Day in OTHER weather history!

January 11, 2010: Temperatures dropped as low as the teens in parts of Central Florida. Source

Map via NWS Tampa.

Pieces of the Past

A Look Back Through The Ages!  On This Day In History! 

Sources:  onthisday.com, thisdayinmusic.com & Britannica

Historical Event

On this day in 1964, First government report by US Surgeon General Luther Terry warning that smoking may be hazardous. Check out more historical events at onthisday.com

Famous Birthday

On this day in 1971, Mary J. Blige, American singer-songwriter and actress who has been called the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, was born in Bronx, New York. Source:  Britannica

Film & TV

On this day in 1990, Actor Joseph Cotton undergoes vocal cancer operation at 84! Get more daily history at onthisday.com

Music Trivia

On this day in 1964, ‘Louie Louie’ by The Kingsmen was the No.1 song on the US Cash Box music chart. For a while, the record was banned by a handful of US radio stations because of its indecipherable lyrics, which were rumored to contain some naughty words. Even the F.B.I. investigated the song, but finally concluded that they could find nothing wrong. Get into the groove with more music trivia at thisdayinmusic.com

Radar of the Day

A high-end EF-2 tornado passes by the town of Haughton, Louisiana on January 11, 2020. The tornado, which was down for 42.06 miles, killed 3 people as it completely destroyed several manfuactured homes. Numerous other structures were damaged, and many trees were snapped or uprooted. Image via GrAnalyst 2, courtesy of Gio Rizzotti.

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