Path length: 24 miles

Width:  900 yards

Fatalities:  2

Injuries:  13

Rating:  F3

County:  Union

Tornado Path

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SPC coordinates:  Start: 33.02 / -92.73   End:  33.23 / -92.45      

Note:  Exact tornado path may not be straight and/or continuous.


Five tornadoes were reported on January 12, 2005. Three were confirmed in Missouri. One was in Claiborne Parish, LA and the strongest was an F3 that moved through Union County, AR.  

The Storm Data entry for this event states, “The tornado that moved through Claiborne Parish Louisiana moved northeast into Union County Arkansas.”  I researched the Claiborne Parish tornado, the official end point is over Lake Claiborne well south of the Arkansas line.  Here is the NCDC report on that separate tornado.  It was more than likely the same supercell not the same tornado.  Here is a map of both tracks from the NWS Shreveport.

The tornado developed in Junction City.  The NWS survey notes the path was continuous for its entire path, which was a total of 24 miles.  The damage initially was minor damage to homes and numerous trees down.  Two people were injured in a home in Junction City when a tree fell on their home.

The tornado intensified as it approached Tatum Road and moved across Highway 7 to Rushwood Road. Numerous homes, mobile and well-constructed frame homes were damaged/destroyed. Several vehicles were rolled and tossed in the air.  It was in this area that two fatalities occurred.

After leaving this area, the tornado began to weaken.  There was minor structural damage to buildings in Lawson.  A few trees were downed at the end of the path.

Radar and Damage Photos via NWS Shreveport

Radar reflectivity of tornado in Union County, AR
Major damage on Tatum Road near Junction City where one fatality occurred.
Radar velocity of tornado in Union County, AR
The fire station in Lawson, AR, was heavily damaged.
A home destroyed by the tornado south of El Dorado, AR, just east of Hwy 7 on Rushwood Road.
A school bus overturned by the tornado in the Patterson Loop area.
Mobile home destroyed south of Homer, LA. A person in this home was seriously injured with 4 broken ribs and a punctured lung.

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tylerwhitwilliams · March 16, 2023 at 12:53 am

I was picked up and thrown about 60yrds or so in this tornado. I lived with my grandfather John E Williams who passed away that night.

    Jen Narramore · March 16, 2023 at 8:08 am

    Thank you Tyler for sharing. We are sorry about the loss of your grandfather and your experience with this tornado.

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