On This Day: March 11

Tornado Talk Summary

On this day in 1963, an F4 tornado moved through Cullman County, AL. Approximately 20 homes and 20 farm buildings were demolished.  120 homes and several other buildings were damaged.  Two people were killed, and six were injured. Read the full summary here

SIGTOR Spotlight

Highlighting a Tornado Before 1950
from Significant Tornadoes by Thomas Grazulis!

March 11, 1917: A possible F4 tornado moved from four miles West of New Castle, IN and across the southern part of town. 350 buildings damaged/destroyed here with 21 killed and at least 100 injured. Debris was scattered for miles. Another death occurred near Millville and two more hear Hagerstown.

Twister From The 2000s

A tornado touched down briefly near Echo, LA, on March 11, 2018. It destroyed a double-wide trailer, injuring four occupants.  Source

The destroyed trailer, photo via NWS Lake Charles.

Weather Rewind

There is more weather phenomenon than just tornadoes? 

On This Day in OTHER weather history!

The Great Blizzard of 1888 blasted the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast from March 11-March 14, 1888. It produced wind gusts as high as 80 mph and up to 58″ of snow. 400 people were killed. Source

Park Place in Brooklyn after the blizzard. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Pieces of the Past

A Look Back Through The Ages!  On This Day In History! 

Sources:  onthisday.com, thisdayinmusic.com & Britannica

Historical Event

On this day in 2020: COVID-19 declared a pandemic by the head of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, with 121,564 cases worldwide and 4,373 deaths. Check out more historical events at onthisday.com

Famous Birthday

Rupert Murdoch was born on March 11, 1931, in Australia. Murdoch founded Fox News, in 1996. Source:  Britannica

Film & TV

On this day in 1948, WBAL TV channel 11 in Baltimore, MD (CBS) begins broadcasting. Get more daily history at onthisday.com

Music Trivia

On this day in 1978: Meat Loaf’s Bat Out Of Hell album began a 416-week run on the UK chart. The album went on to become one of the most influential and iconic albums of all time and its songs have remained classic rock staples.  Get into the groove with more music trivia at thisdayinmusic.com

Photo of the Day

The city of Rikuzentakata was just one of many towns in Japan that were destroyed on March 11, 2011, after a Tsunami washed through. The Tsunami was triggered by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. The Tsunami also lead to a meltdown at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Over 19,000 people were killed. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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