Explanation of Perks

All Tiers

Summaries: As a member you will have access to ALL summaries on the website, this includes our premium summaries. Check out the list of those here!

Discord: We have an active community on Discord. Any one can join our Discord server but as a member you will get a special members role and access to our members only room.

Facebook Group: Many folks are not on Discord, SO, we have launched a new members only Facebook group. This is a great place for members to interact with us and one another! We will use this as a place to share about the summaries we are writing about and when they are complete. We will talk about tornado history of course! And this will be a place for you to share your feedback about all things Tornado Talk! After you start your subscription, we will invite you to the group!

Store Discount: We are offering a 5% discount on items in our store to any member, anytime you buy! Send us a message here so we can give you a discount code before you make a purchase!

Tornado Talk Town Hall: Twice a year, we will host a town hall meeting. We will use this time to update you on Tornado Talk business! But most of the meeting will be about a tornado topic. You never know what special guest may drop by to share their story! Help build the brand! Pitch your ideas, summary ideas, and concerns directly to the owner. Town halls will be recorded for viewing at a later time!

Added Perks for Amateur Tornado Historian and Lifetime Members

Highest Priority/Access to the Research Team: If you are an Amateur Tornado Historian or Lifetime member, we will handle any questions you have first!  New this year, if you have some general tornado history research that needs to be done, we can help!  Shoot us an email or message on Discord or Facebook and we will review your request.  Also, if you have suggestions for new summaries to be written, we will prioritize your nomination! 

Raffle: Twice a year, your name will be put in a raffle for some fun goodies! Last year, we raffled off movie passes and a coffee mug!

Audio/Video Production: You will have exclusive access to an audio/video presentation of one of our Tornado Talk Summaries. This will be available at the end of 2022!

PDF/E-Book: You will receive a PDF version of one of our premium summaries. This will be adapted to be more like a book. So, it won’t have all of the fancy GIFs and Imagery. But it will be something you can read offline, even on a Kindle or Nook!

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