The Tornado Talk Team!

Our group of excellent researchers and writers have produced over 500 summaries detailing the amazing and often tragic stories that occur before, during and after a tornado event. We have connected with each, and every community written about, and we have many more stories to tell!

Tornado Talk is a break-even LLC. That means, we do not aim to make a profit on our work. Our goal is to offset the costs to maintain the business and compensate the hard work of the team of writers and researchers. To put together a summary for just ONE large tornado event, the team could work over 100 hours with research, writing, correspondence, reviewing and website work! We are all doing this while working other jobs and going to school.

To help keep Tornado Talk going and growing, we have a membership program! For as little as the cost of a cup of coffee per month, you can help support our work and become a member of the Tornado Talk team! Your monthly/yearly/lifetime support helps us:

  • Cover website/admin/subscription costs.
  • Keeps the site AD-FREE!  No Clutter!
  • Research and write more summaries.
  • Enhance current summaries on the website.
  • Add new features to the website.
  • Explore audio/video projects.
  • Add other weather history.
  • Give back to a disaster relief organization.

Membership Plan details as of March 1, 2022:
We offer three membership tiers, each have different perks. For an explanation of the perks, go here!

Storm Chaser

Amateur Tornado Historian

Lifetime Member

$2.95/month OR $30/year

Access to ALL current Tornado Talk summaries. This includes our growing list of Premium Summaries that are unlocked by your membership.  See that list here!

An invite to join our exclusive Facebook group for members!

An invite to join our Discord Server. Receive a role in the server and access to our members only room!

A special discount in our Tornado Talk store!

An invite to join us for a Tornado Talk Town Hall twice a year!

$4.95/month OR $50/year

ALL of the perks under the Storm Chaser membership PLUS…

Highest Priority Support and Access to the Research Team.

Name will be entered into a raffle twice a year for Tornado Talk swag.

Receive an audio/video production of one of our premium summaries!

Receive a PDF version of a premium summary!

$299 – One time payment

ALL Current and Future Perks for life PLUS….

A Special Thank You Gift from Tornado Talk!

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Want to support our work but prefer not to become a member? You can give through the PayPal link below or send a check to Tornado Talk at the following address:

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