SPC Stats

Path length: 0.7 miles

Width:  150 yards

Fatalities:  0

Injuries:  17

Rating:  F3

County:  Hamilton

17 tornadoes are recorded in the SPC database for October 1, 1977.  The strongest was a quick-hitting twister that hit in the Greater Cincinnati, OH area.  The Storm Data entry states that this tornado had as many as three funnels.  It was rated F3 and had a path of less than one mile.  It hit the Montfort Heights area in NW edge of Cincinnati near I-74.  The focus of the damage was on Seville Court.  A total of 12 homes were destroyed and 15 others were damaged.  There were 17 injuries.

Tornado Path

Zoom in on actual touchdown point

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Because the path is short there is only one point from the SPC and they are not correct: 39.25 / -84.67      

Per Thomas Grazulis, Storm Data and Newspaper reports, the tornado briefly hit at Montfort Heights at Seville Ct. and Race Rd. 

Note:  Exact tornado path may not be straight and/or continuous.

Newspaper Clippings


The Storm Prediction Center

NCDC Storm Events Database

October 1977 Storm Data Publication


Grazulis, Thomas P. (1993). Significant Tornadoes 1680-1991: A Chronology and Analysis of Events. St. Johnsbury, VT: The Tornado Project of Environmental Films. Page 1198.

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