SPC Stats

Path length: 0.5  miles

Width:  100 yards

Fatalities:  0

Injuries:  8

Rating:  F3

County:  Somerset

16 tornadoes were confirmed across parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast on October 18, 1990.  One of the strongest was an F3 that quickly hit in Somerset County, NJ in Montgomery Township.  The tornado developed along a squall line.  The path was estimated at only 1/2 mile.  Three homes were flatten on DeHart Drive.  21 others were damaged.  There were 8 injuries and no fatalities.

Storm Data

Storm Data didn’t list some stats about the tornado.  They just included some information in a larger summary about the entire severe weather events for this area.

A squall line developed rapidly over the western sections of northern New Jersey.  Strong southerly winds gusting to 35 to around 40 knots ahead of this squall line pumped warm and moisture-laden air into the area.  This warm and moist air collided violently with the colder air moving in with the squall. This squall line produced two tornadoes in northern New Jersey.  The worst, an F3 tornado, hit Montgomery injuring eight people. It destroyed three homes and damaged 21 others. Another tornado touched down in Roselle damaging several homes and injuring 3 people.  In addition to the tornadoes, thunderstorms generated damaging wind throughout northern New Jersey. The winds down hundreds of trees and in the process damaged many homes and commercial property. At Newark Airport, a large storage trailer overturned onto several cabs injuring five drivers.  Another fifteen people received minor injuries at the airport due to flying debris. At a paring in Hudson County, eighteen boats in dry-dock were blown off their supporting stands and damaged.

Tornado Path

SPC coordinates (only one point since path so short):  Start: 40.48 / -74.77    

Note:  Exact tornado path may not be straight and/or continuous.

Newspaper Clippings


We gathered information for this event from the SPC & NCDC Databases, the October 1990 Storm Data Publication and Thomas Grazulis in Significant Tornadoes and found the following differences:


  • SPC/NCDC have a with of 100 yards.
  • Grazulis has a width of 70 yards.


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