Hello members!  Starting something NEW to stay in touch with you and give you updates on what is going on with Tornado Talk!  Hopefully you are all signed up for our newsletter. We have been giving updates there on our Super Outbreak project.
Sometimes, things don’t work out how you want and so during the week, we may want to give you updates on how we are doing with some of our summaries and keep you informed on other members only news!

Our goal was to publish the Barnesville, GA summary this week.  We have already poured many hours into this and just completed a four hour work session today. We have put on our Sherlock Holmes hats and have been digging for clues on what happened here and it has taken us all over the place.  We have done interviews and bought books and found articles that noone knows about.  We have a LOT to put together.  When we delve into the events like this, we never know what is going to happen. SO, with that, I have decided to push our release date to mid next week to give us more time to get stuff together.  We have hundreds of photos to get through!  (153 from just one source).  There are some surprising things coming out that we want to properly document.

Thank you ALL!  Your memberships help us delve into these events to get the history right!  Your support helps us have the bandwidth to put all of this on the website.  And this is going to be a doozie!

After this goes out the door, we will spend 2 weeks in the Tuscaloosa event!

Below is a photo from some of the damage out of Barnesville.  This is from Danny Bishop and not to be shared without permission.
Thanks again for ALL of your support!  – Jen

Note:  There are some images/videos in our summaries that were licensed to us to be used only on this website. If you would like to use an image/video in your project or blog, please contact us and we will grant permission if possible.

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