On This Day: October 15

Tornado Talk Summary

Two tornadoes are found in the SPC Database on October 15, 1957. Both were rated F3. We look at one of these in this summary. It moved close to 38 miles through parts of South Central Louisiana. 15 homes were destroyed. Thomas Grazulis notes that cars were thrown and rolled from Highway 31. Read the full summary here

SIGTOR Spotlight

Highlighting a Tornado Before 1950
from Significant Tornadoes by Thomas Grazulis!

October 15, 1914: An estimated F2 tornado moved 2 miles through Concord, NC. Approximately 100 homes were damaged. 15 people were injured.  

Twister From The 2000s

On October 15, 2009, an EF1 tornado tracked for 2 miles through rural Sumter County, GA, south of Americus. A grocery store was heavily damaged, and several trees were blown over.  Source

Weather Rewind

There is more weather phenomenon than just tornadoes? 

On This Day in OTHER weather history!

October 15, 1984. The Denver Broncos played the Green Bay Packers at home in the midst of a blizzard. Over 60,000 fans braved the conditions to watch the game, though they struggled to see the field. The players had a tough time playing. However, the Broncos won, 17 to 14. Source

Photo via NWS Louisville of the game in process during the blizzard.

Pieces of the Past

A Look Back Through The Ages!  On This Day In History! 

Sources:  onthisday.com, thisdayinmusic.com & Britannica

Historical Event

On this day in 1924, President Calvin Coolidge declared the Statue of Liberty a national monument. Check out more historical events at onthisday.com

Famous Birthday

On this day in 1891, Cole Porter, American composer and lyricist, was born in Peru, Indiana. He died in 1964. Source:  Britannica

Film & TV

On this day in 1951, “I Love Lucy”, starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, debuted on CBS! Get more daily history at onthisday.com

Music Trivia

On this day in 1996, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee was charged with assault for attacking a cameraman who was trying to take pictures of Lee and his wife Pamela Anderson Lee outside an L.A. club. After pleading no contest, Lee was sentenced to four months in prison. Get into the groove with more music trivia at thisdayinmusic.com

Radar of the Day

Hurricane Irene makes landfall in Florida as a Category 1 hurricane on October 15, 1999. Radar snapshot from GRAnalyst, courtesy of Gio Rizzotti.

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