SPC Stats

Path length: 2.2 miles

Width:  50 yards

Fatalities:  0

Injuries:  30

Rating:  F4

County:  Ozaukee

14 tornadoes are recorded in the SPC Database for August 22, 1964.  They hit parts of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin.  The strongest was an F4 that crossed through parts of Ozaukee County, WI and the town of Port Washington.  

Thomas Grazulis lists this twister in Significant Tornadoes.  He notes it moved NE from the SW edge of Port Washington to the Lake Michigan shore.  He stated it moved at tree-top level, but leveled houses in almost every area where it fully touched down.  One home was split in two, “as if by a giant axe.”  A sleeping baby near the split was not disturbed.

Per the Storm Data Narrative, 22 homes were totally destroyed with extensive damage to 34.  

I found a great narrative in the Sheboygan Press (Sheboygan, Wisconsin) from August 24, 1964.  It takes us through the tornado path and the damage. I have included some of the highlights.  You can read the entire article here and here.  

  • First struck at the SW city limits where it ripped the upper stories off the Elmer Buehler home, the John Trepel place and others
  • Hit the newer homes of Jerry Norman home and of Police Chief Laabs
  • Moved and hit the east side of the Schanen Acres subdivision, “hurling the debris from the Tower Dr. homes ahead of it.”
  • Uprooted trees around the Marshall Moeser Place on Eva Street
  • Roof was ripped off a home on Lincoln Avenue.
  • The tornado then moved toward Grand Avenue
  • Here the tornado damaged the home of Judge Warren Grady who told a reporter what time the tornado hit. “The family was just going to ring the dinner bell at 4:50 pm to sit down to eat when his wife said: “Look at the storm coming.” and it struck them with a blast.”
  • After Grand Avenue, the tornado caused damage on North Spring Street where “big trucks were toppled like tenpins.”
  • The tornado continued across Sauk Creek, taking off the second story of a home and demolished the home of Francis Winneuller.  The Winnemullers and their 9 children were trapped in the home, rescued and taken to the hospital.  
  • As the tornado twisted toward North Webster Street, a two-story home under construction was destroyed.  More homes were demolished across Wisconsin Street before the tornado moved over Lake Michigan.

Tornado Path

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SPC coordinates (only one point provided):  Start: 43.38 / -87.92

I added a general ending point near the Lake Michigan shore per Grazulis    

Note:  Exact tornado path may not be straight and/or continuous.


Newspaper Clippings


We gathered information for this event from the SPC & NCDC Databases, the August 1964 Storm Data Publication and Thomas Grazulis in Significant Tornadoes and found the following differences:

Path Length:

  • SPC/NCDC have a 2.2 mile path length.
  • Storm Data has a 1 mile path.
  • Grazulis lists a 4 mile path.


  • Grazulis has a width of 100 yards.
  • Remaining sources list the width at 50 yards.


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      Footage of the aftermath of the tornado via Efootage


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