SPC Stats

Path length: 3.8 miles

Width:  60 yards

Fatalities:  1

Injuries:  15

Rating:  F3

County:  Stearns

A total of 9 tornadoes are a part of the SPC Database for September 3, 1980. Four were in Stearns County, MN with the strongest an F3 that skipped from 5 miles SW of St. Cloud, passing through the city and lifting NE of town. There was tremendous damage at Bel Clare Acres.  13 mobile homes were destroyed and there was 1 fatality:  A 15-month-old girl.

Additional damage at Angus Acres in Waite Park.  6 family homes, 14 mobile homes and 16 apartments were destroyed with more than 165 more homes damaged.  60 homes damaged in St. Cloud.   Total injuries reported:  15.

Storm Data Entry

A tornado, moving from southwest to northeast, first touched down at a mobile home park, Bel Clare Acres, located five miles southwest of St. Cloud.  Returning aloft for two miles, the tornado again touched down at Angus Acres, a subdivision three miles southwest of St. Cloud at 6:40pm.  At this point, the tornado again returned to the cloud, continuing northeast for two miles more before touching down once again in western St. Cloud at 6:44pm.  The tornado then skipped across, partially aloft, through northeastern St. Cloud.  Damage was extensive and included the following: At Bel Clare Acres, 13 mobile homes were destroyed and many other damaged, there was 1 death and 15 injuries; at Angus Acres in Waite Park, 165 homes were damaged with 6 single family homes, 14 mobile homes and 16 apartments destroyed; in St. Cloud 60 homes were damaged.  Total dollar amount in damages in the St. Cloud metropolitan area was near $9 million. 

Tornado Path

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SPC coordinates:  Start: 45.53 / -94.22   End:  45.58 / -94.15      

Note:  Exact tornado path may not be straight and/or continuous.

Newspaper Clippings


We gathered information for this event from the SPC & NCDC Databases, the September 1980 Storm Data Publication and Thomas Grazulis in Significant Tornadoes and found the following differences:

Path Length:

  • SPC/NCDC have a 3.8 mile path length.
  • Grazulis and Storm Data have a length at 5 miles.


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      NCDC Storm Events Database

      September 1980 Storm Data Publication


      Grazulis, Thomas P. (1993). Significant Tornadoes 1680-1991: A Chronology and Analysis of Events. St. Johnsbury, VT: The Tornado Project of Environmental Films. Page 1227.

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