Hi members!  Wanted to keep you updated on our NEW summaries!  Hopefully you have seen by now that we have the Overview of the Tuscaloosa-Birmingham EF4 Tornado of April 27, 2011 up to read.  We have just published for members the first summary of TEN!  This covers the start of the path in Greene County all the way to the Tuscaloosa City Limits.  We will be diligently working on the other summaries over the next two weeks.  We really hope you like what you see!  Please give us feedback and please let others know about our membership.  Right now, this is the best way to keep us going and growing!!  

Important Reminder!  When you look at this summaries, make sure you hover over each image.  Most of them are enhanced with our zoom tool.  You can scroll with the mouse to adjust the zoom level.  This is very important when you are looking through a lot of the aerial imagery.  You can zoom in on the path or on damage.  

Thank you for all of your support!

Here is summary 1:  https://www.tornadotalk.com/greene-county-to-start-of-tuscaloosa-city-limits/e

Note:  There are some images/videos in our summaries that were licensed to us to be used only on this website. If you would like to use an image/video in your project or blog, please contact us and we will grant permission if possible.

Newspaper clips are embedded via newspapers.com. Please see their terms and conditions.


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