Tornado Talk is a dynamic, information packed website devoted to tornado history! Our group of excellent researchers and writers have produced over 550 summaries detailing the amazing and often tragic stories that occur before, during and after a tornado event. We have connected with each, and every community written about, and we have many more stories to tell!

Tornado Talk is a break-even LLC. That means, we do not aim to make a profit on our work. Our goal is to offset the costs to maintain the business and compensate the hard work of the team of writers and researchers. To put together a summary for just ONE large tornado event, the team could work over 100 hours with research, writing, correspondence, reviewing and website work! We are all doing this while working other jobs and going to school.

To help keep Tornado Talk going and growing, we have joined Patreon! For as little as the cost of a cup of coffee per month, you can help support our work and become a member of the Tornado Talk team! Your monthly/yearly support helps us:

– Cover website/admin/subscription costs.
– Keeps the site AD-FREE! No Clutter!
– Research and write more summaries.
– Enhance current summaries on the website.
– Convert our summaries into video presentations.
– Add new features to the website.
– Give back to a disaster relief organization.

We have included 4 tiers for you to choose from all with fun perks! Access to PREMIUM summaries and videos begins at the $5 per month level. Here is a brief overview of the tiers. Sign up on Patreon here

$2 / month

At this level, you are dipping your toes into the world of tornado history with us! Your support keeps us going and growing!

You will receive Discord perks and early access to FREE Summaries and Videos along with Access to our Patreon feed for updates! Also receive an invite to our Facebook group. 

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PREMIUM content begins at this tier! Thanks for joining is on this tornado history ride!

Receive access to our detailed premium summaries and videos on our website!

Connect with us on our quarterly zoom calls and snag a little swag!

You will also receive all benefits from the $2 tier!

$10 / month

You are joining an elite club here who daily opens up the Grazulis Big Green Book!

At this tier level you get access to the research team! That’s right! Ask us your burning tornado history questions! We’ll do the research for you! 

Also get a discount at our TT store (email us to get the code)!

You also receive benefits from the previous tiers!

$25 / month

Woah! You have The Big Green Book AND are waiting on the edge of your seats for the NEW releases! We are overwhelmed for your support at this level!

You get ALL previous perks PLUS…
Give us your input on what summaries Tornado Talk should work on! We will add your name as a contributor!

PLUS…a little more swag – get a Tornado Talk coffee cup after 6 months pledging at this level (one time merch)!

BONUS: After a year at this level, we will send you a print from Storm Chaser Aaron Rigsby’s collection! Your choice of photo and size!

Interested in supporting our work but don’t want to join Patreon? You can send money directly to our PayPal account and just put in the note section “support”.  

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