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Bridgeport, AL – Haletown, TN EF4 Tornado – April 27, 2011

A violent tornado tracked for just over 30 miles across northeastern Alabama and into southern Tennessee. The hardest-hit area was near Bridgeport, AL. EF4 damage occurred there, as several homes were leveled. Sadly a 13-year-old boy was killed, and several other people were injured in another forgotten event of the Super Outbreak.

Apison-Cleveland, TN EF4 Tornado – April 27, 2011

“It left in its wake a path of devastation like this town has never seen and a level of terror the hearts of our people have never known.” – Rick Norton, Cleveland Daily Banner. During the evening of April 27, 2011, a catastrophic twister tore through several communities across southeastern Tennessee. This is the second portion of a two-part series on the Ringgold-Apison-Cleveland, GA-TN, EF4 tornado.