Tornado Talk is about to embark on another big adventure and we are going on the road! Next year, is the 50th anniversary of the April 3-4, 1974 Super Outbreak!  We are starting to plan now to gather information for a series of summaries, both free and premium.  And we need your help!

We have plotted out the paths of some of the most impactful tornadoes of the outbreak and will be traveling to many of these locations to do extensive research, explore archives, and conduct interviews with survivors. For the areas we can’t get to, we will be putting in hours gathering what we can remotely.  Then, we start organizing what we find and begin writing! Our goal is to produce summaries for at least 40 tornado events from the Super Outbreak. These will be detailed, interactive E-books! 

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You can also donate money directly to our Paypal account or via check to help support our work and to offset the costs of travel, hotel, gas, etc for this project. 

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Support our Super Outbreak project by donating directly to our PayPal account or via check! If you donate $40 or more, we will gift you access to the 1974 Super Outbreak series! Click the button below! Put in the note section: Support the Super Outbreak project! 

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