An outbreak of 56 tornadoes across 11 states occurred on this day in 1982.  (Note: the SPC database has 55 tornadoes listed.  Storm Data in their summary of the event states there were 56 tornadoes).

Outbreak map via Storm Data

There was 410 miles of damage path.  30 people were killed and 383 were injured.  Total tornadoes per F category:

1-F5, 3-F4, 11-F3, 13-F2, 21-F1, 7-F0

We have written detailed summaries on 2 of these tornadoes, both in the Red River Region:

  1. The highest rated tornado of the day was an F5 that crossed through parts of Choctaw & McCurtain Counties, OK.  There are some disputes on the rating. We analyze the event here.
  2. The deadliest twister of the day was part of a family of tornadoes in Northern Texas.  10 people were killed in the town of Paris.  The tornado was rated F4.  Our summary here.  

Interesting History!  The first PDS (Particularly Dangerous Situation) Tornado Watch was issued during this outbreak. Source:  SPC

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