148 Twisters in 24 Hours. Β 

95 were rated F2 or stronger on the Fujita scale and 30 were F4 or F5.

15 Tornadoes occurring simultaneously at the height of the event.

13 states affected across the Eastern US, from the Great Lakes region to the Deep South.

Over 2500 miles of damage path.

335 fatalities. Β More than 6000 injuries.

Diving Into The Events

Detailed Super Outbreak tornado path and intensity analysis, hand drawn by Dr. T. Theodore Fujita of University of Chicago.
April 3, 1974 visible satellite loop, courtesy of Corfidi/SPC. Click image to loop.
April 3-4, 1974 tornado warnings by county
Tornado count Courtesy of US Tornadoes
Courtesy of US Tornadoes
The Xenia Tornado. Photo taken from the Greene Memorial Hospital by Fred Stewart. From NWS Wilmington Summary.
A view of the Sayler Park tornado as it moved through the Bridgetown area. Photo taken by Frank Altenau.
F4 Tornado near Parker City, Indiana just east of Muncie. April 3, 1974. NWS Indianapolis Summary.
F4 tornado near Hanover, Indiana, April 3, 1974. NWS Indianapolis Summary.
Near Percy Priest Lake via NWS Nashville
These photos were taken from Commonwealth Hall on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University. The tornado was about nine miles away from the photographer. Via NWS Louisville.

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