One of the largest fall tornado outbreaks in the US occurred from November 21 through November 23 in 1992.  There are a variety of reports on this event and with that a variety of tornado totals for the event.  Most of my information on the event as a whole comes from the NOAA National Disaster Survey Report entitled: “The Widespread November 21-23, 1992 Tornado Outbreak:  Houston to Raleigh and Gulf Coast to Ohio Valley.  I accessed that document here

This outbreak began early on Saturday afternoon, November 21, 1992 in Southeastern Texas.  For the next 48 hours, numerous storms spawned a deadly outbreak of tornadoes across 13 states.  Per the survey, “a total of 94 tornado tracks were identified during this widespread episode which was usually intense for November.”  There was a total of 6 tornadoes rated F4 and 15 rated F3. Over 600 injuries reported and twenty-six fatalities.  14 of the 26 deaths occurred in mobile homes.  15 of the 26 fatalities were in the state of Mississippi.  Damages were estimated at $291 million.  

Here is a table from the NOAA survey.  It is a summary of the deaths that are attributed to this outbreak:

The NOAA Survey does an excellent job summarizing this outbreak by state. I will give generalized details from the document.  As time goes on, I will delve more deeply into some of the individual tornadoes.  Right now, I have detailed summaries for the following events (click the event to go to that specific page):

Channelview, TX F4 – November 21

Brandon/Rankin County, MS F4 – November 21

Sylvarena, MS F4 – November 22

Cobb/Cherokee Counties, GA F4 – November 22

State Overviews:


  • 14 tornadoes occurred statewide all on November 21.
  • 12 of the 14 in the Houston County Warning Area.
  • At one time in Harris County, four tornadoes were likely producing damage.
  • Most violent was the F4 in Channelview.
  • 34 total injuries.
  • Damage to nearly 3000 residences, business and aircraft.


  • 10 tornadoes on Saturday evening, November 21.
  • 28 people injured.
  • $3 million in damage.
  • Longest path was 38 miles.  



  • Total of 15 tornadoes late Saturday into early Sunday (November 21 and 22).
  • 15 fatalities (10 in Rankin County).
  • 269 injuries.
  • Close to 300 homes destroyed and 700+ damaged.
  • At least 60 mobile homes destroyed.
  • 21 counties declared disaster areas.


  • 9 tornadoes occurred statewide all on November 22.
  • 43 injuries.
  • Several hundred buildings destroyed/damaged.



  • Total of 11 tornadoes on Sunday, November 22.
  • Six fatalties.
  • 144 injuries.
  • $70 million in damage.
  • Deadliest tornado moved from Easton to White Plains:  5 were killed.


  • One tornado on November 22.
  • 4 injuries and 30+homes damaged/destroyed.



  • Total of 4 tornadoes on Sunday, November 22.
  • One fatality and 9 injuries.
  • The one fatality occurred in southern Carroll County west of Worthville.


  • 15 tornadoes occurred statewide all on November 22.
  • Greatest damage was in Indianapolis from an estimated F3, 20 homes destroyed.
  • 6 injuries.
  • $12 million in damage.  



  • 2 tornadoes occurred statewide all on November 22.
  • 21 injuries.
  • 150+ homes/businesses with damage.


North Carolina:

  • Total of 5 tornadoes on Sunday Night, November 22 into early Monday morning, November 23.
  • Two fatalities and 74 injuries.
  • 110 homes and 7 businesses were destroyed.
  • The two deaths were near Hillsborough.

South Carolina:

  • 4 tornadoes late Sunday, November 22.
  • 1 fatality and 9 injuries.
  • The death occurred in Saluda County.
  • 9 mobile homes, 14 residences, 5 businesses destroyed.



  • 4 tornadoes occurred during early AM of November 23.
  • $2 million in damage.

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