On This Day: June 11

Tornado Talk Summary

Manhattan, KS EF4 Tornado – June 11, 2008! 8.64 mile path. Fifteen well built homes were completely destroyed. Approx. $37 million dollars in damage was done at the Kansas State University Campus. 0 injuries/fatalities. Read the full summary here

Looking Toward Bradford. Image via NWS Topeka.

SIGTOR Spotlight

Highlighting a Tornado Before 1950
from Significant Tornadoes by Thomas Grazulis!

June 11, 1922: An F2 tornado moved aross the SE shore of Buckeye Lake in Ohio. 40 cottages were destoryed. Two people were killed at a party in this area. “One person drowned under the wreckage of a bathhouse that was thrown in the lake.”

Twister From The 2000s

On this day in 2004, an F3 tornado tracked 12 miles from near Riceville, IA to near LeRoy, MN. The twister damaged or destroyed several homes and scoured the ground and crops.  Source. 

Photo of the tornado, via NWS La Crosse.
A house that was leveled, photo via NWS La Crosse.

Weather Rewind

Tornado and Other Weather Events From On This Day

On this day in 1842: a late-season snowstorm affected New England. Up to 12″ of snow fell at Irasburg, VT. Source

Pieces of the Past

A Look Back Through The Ages!  On This Day In History! 

Sources:  onthisday.com, thisdayinmusic.com & Britannica

Historical Event

On this day in 1987: Margaret Thatcher is 1st British Prime Minister in 160 years to win a third consecutive term. Check out more historical events at onthisday.com

Famous Birthday

Mehmet Oz was born June 11, 1960,  in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a surgeon, educator, author, and television personality who co-wrote the popular YOU series of health books and hosted The Dr. Oz Show (2009–22). Source:  Britannica

Film & TV

On this day in 1928:Alfred Hitchcock’s film, “Case Of Jonathan Drew,” (or “The Lodger”) is released. Get more daily history at onthisday.com

Music Trivia

On this day in 2011: Pink Floyd’s 1973 album The Dark Side Of The Moon, re-entered the Billboard Album chart at No. 47, and reached the milestone of 1,000 weeks on Billboard’s charts. The album which was released in 1973 has done consistently well reaching No.1 on more than one occasion. Get into the groove with more music trivia at thisdayinmusic.com

Photo of the Day

A strong EF2 tornado tears by the town of Havensville, Kansas during the late evening of June 11, 2008. Multiple homes and mobile homes were damaged or destroyed, including one frame home that was blown off its foundation and a mobile home that was obliterated, killing the occupant. Many trees and power poles were snapped as well. This was the last strong tornado from a supercell that produced two EF3s and an EF4 prior to this tornado's development. Radar snapshot from GRAnalyst, courtesy of Gio Rizzotti.

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